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TONIGHT Tuesday January 15th, Jeans Team from Berlin, Germany

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Jan. 15th, 2008 | 10:48 am
posted by: behrangi_static in michiganfucks

7 bucks, doors @ 9:00 PM, all ages show.

Jeans Team Myspace
Jeans Team Offical site.
Indie Electronic Pop from Berlin, Germany

Minimal/Acid-Techno/IDM from Ishpeming, MI, good stuff.

Show dj'ed by Team Dethlab

Scrummage University: Loft Showspace in Eastern Market

1551 Winder St. #308
Detroit, MI 48207
Click here to map this location on Google Maps

Also upcoming psychedelic show @ Scrummage:


$5, 9 PM, all ages show.

Teeth Mountain (Baltimore, MD)
"...astonishingly heavy and bouncy drone-dance style, thick with grainy bowed cello and indebted to Indian and north African trance music—plus they use an organ in a way that ought to get them arrested for indecent exposure. Granted, my soft spot for bands that do the Theatre of Eternal Music thing is amply documented, but that just means I know how rare it is for one to get so much mileage out of it—I think it's the way the drums and percussion drag the songs out of the lotus position and onto the dance floor."--Chicago Reader

Grass Canyon (last show around here for awhile, guitar, akai headrush tape echo sim, looper pedal, loop tapes, volume swells)

Apple Circus
Music for packing up and driving into the setting sun. Jim from mountains and rainbows solo and/or with guest, dude rips it hard.

Music for heavy sinking. Melodic plane crash worship. Like turning bathroom lights on and off really fast while staring yourself in the face.

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